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Why Choose Concierge Medicine

caregiver checking elderly patient temperature
caregiver checking elderly patient temperature

The healthcare system is huge and it’s a big deal. Sometimes, it can get so confusing going from one doctor to another and not to mention, the long waits at the doctor’s office. As a response to this, Lifeguard Functional & Integrative Healthcare gives you concierge medicine.

  • Access and More Access.
    Perhaps the most important benefit of concierge medicine is access to healthcare services and your care team, day and night. It also guarantees no waiting time and gives you extra time with your physician.
  • Open Line of Communication.
    This means being able to get your care team on the phone—no voicemails, delayed email response. You can skip driving to an open clinic in Georgia for a consultation. All you need to do is to pick up the phone and have a conversation with a member of your care team.
  • In-house Specialization.
    Treatment of medical conditions is usually done in-house. This means you get the medical care that you need within our clinic. Our concierge team can assist you with standard medical procedures like gynecology exams, mole removal, and we even offer aesthetic services in Lilburn, Georgia.
  • Streamlined Care.
    Healthcare professionals who are a part of your team are updated in terms of patient health status. They have streamlined conversation to give you the best possible treatment and avoid conflicting treatment schedules and procedures.

In a nutshell, concierge medicine gives you access and personalized treatment for your health conditions. No need to book an appointment with several specialists for a comprehensive health check! Send us a message at info@lifeguidewellnessga.com or give us a call at 770-557-1079 to know more about this service.

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