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Intravenous Fluid Regulation: Purpose and Complications

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Intravenous therapy includes intravenous fluid regulation. The latter is administered when there is a need to control the amount of fluid one receives intravenously or through the bloodstream. A thin tube, called the intravenous line, is inserted into one of the patient’s veins in order to administer fluid that may contain certain drugs or supplements. Our clinic in Georgia provides this service for people looking to boost their immunity or enhance recovery from an illness.

The reasons why people take fluids intravenously include rehydration after becoming dehydrated from illness or excessive activity, treatment of infections using antibiotics, treatment of cancer through chemotherapy drugs, management of pain using certain medications, and immunity boost through vitamins or supplements. While intravenous therapy or intravenous fluid regulation is safe, there may be some people whose bodies react differently to the fluid received. However, these are only minor risks.

The risks involved are infection at the injection site, dislodged IV catheter, or collapsed veins. These are easily treated or corrected by skillful healthcare professionals and reliable healthcare services. One can avoid dislodging the IV catheter by simply staying still or being careful not to pull on the tubing during fluid administration. A collapsed vein can be avoided if the healthcare professional follows proper protocol in IV therapy such as choosing the right vein to use and not leaving the IV line unattended for an extended period of time. Infections can easily be managed by taking antibiotics.

Intravenous fluid regulation is common and very safe. If you want to know more about it, call Lifeguide Functional & Integrative Healthcare today. We provide quality aesthetic services in Lilburn, Georgia!

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