Women’s Month and Women’s Health

Women’s Month and Women’s Health

A healthy lifestyle is the secret to a long and disease-free life. Regular healthy habits like a balanced diet and regular exercise can keep diseases at bay, prolong your life, and live happily and independently. But with the duties, responsibilities, and obligations of a woman, healthy living and availing of healthcare services take a back seat to make way for chores, keeping the home in order, advancing the career, and a whole lot more.

Many diseases are common among men and women. However, some of it affects women differently than men. Other than gynecological visits and breast exams in our clinic in Georgia, women should make sure to have regular checkups and screening exams to prevent these diseases:

  • Heart Disease
    The leading cause of death among American women.
  • Stroke
    Although men and women share the same risk factors, women have several more unique risk factors including birth control use, pregnancy, and hormone replacement therapy.
  • Urinary Tract Issues
    Urinary tract problems like infections and incontinence are more common in women than men because they have shorter urethra – hence shorter distances for the bacteria to travel.
  • Alcohol Consumption
    Men have higher chances of alcohol abuse than women but its impact is greater in women than in men like breast cancer, heart disease, and risk of fetal alcohol syndrome to their babies.

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