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Pain Therapy Specialist

Lifeguide Healthcare

Feyi Agbeyomi, DNP, FNP-C, MSN

Integrative & Functional Medicine located in Lilburn, GA

Almost 21% of adults have chronic pain. If chronic pain limits your life and you’re tired of ineffective treatments, Lifeguide Healthcare has pain therapy solutions that can help. Experienced integrative and functional medicine specialist Feyi Agbeyomi, DNP, FNP-C, MSN, offers a highly effective alternative pain therapy program at Lifeguide Healthcare. Call the Lilburn, Georgia, office or click the online appointment maker now.

Pain Therapy Q & A

What is pain therapy?

Pain therapy refers to any treatment that reduces pain. With all types of pain therapy, the main goal is to improve your comfort and function. But, the most common forms of pain treatment involve potentially harmful medications. 

Lifeguide Healthcare takes a whole-body approach to pain therapy by addressing the underlying body imbalances and targeting the source of your pain through natural means. 

What does alternative pain therapy involve?

Lifeguide Healthcare offers alternative pain therapy as part of its Ayurvedic medicine care. With Ayurveda, your treatment is all about whole-body wellness through natural practices. Ayurvedic medicine balances your body, removes toxins, and eliminates the cause of your pain.

The cornerstones of the alternative pain therapy program include:

Shockwave therapy

In shockwave therapy, a handheld tool administers controlled acoustic energy waves to an area of pain. These energy waves create very tiny tissue injuries. 

Your body then launches its powerful natural healing response, which leads to the repair and renewal of the damaged tissue that’s causing your pain. 

Chinese herbs

Lifeguide Healthcare offers Classical Pearls, the leading brand of Chinese herbs. Classical Pearls herbs target the particular imbalance or issue causing your pain using natural ingredients.

Chinese herbs come directly from small farms in China, and the products undergo extensive testing. All Classical Herbs products are 100% natural, with no pharmaceuticals, no preservatives, no heavy metals, no dyes, no yeast, and no sugar.

This combination treatment method gives you immediate pain relief while also resolving the deep-down imbalances and health problems that lead to pain in the first place. Through this Ayurvedic medicine approach, you can improve not just the symptoms but also the root problems.

When should I consider alternative pain therapy?

Many people who visit Dr. Agbeyomi at Lifeguide Healthcare for alternative pain therapy are chronic pain sufferers who want a better way to feel better. If you’re living with frequent or even everyday pain and your current treatment isn’t adequate, alternative pain therapy could be a better solution. 

The traditional medical treatments for pain, including narcotic drugs, may do more harm than good over a long period. If you don’t want to depend upon pharmaceuticals, alternative pain therapy can help. 

Alternative pain therapy unlocks your body’s natural painkilling substances while correcting the problem that started your pain. Learn more by calling Lifeguide Healthcare or clicking on the online booking tool now.