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Anxiety And Depression Specialist

Lifeguide Healthcare

Feyi Agbeyomi, DNP, FNP-C, MSN

Integrative & Functional Medicine located in Lilburn, GA

Life inevitably has some ups and downs, but if negative emotions like anxiety and depression are ever-present, you should seek expert medical help. Feyi Agbeyomi, DNP, FNP-C, MSN, at Lifeguide Healthcare in Lilburn, Georgia, uses a functional medicine approach to address the underlying causes of anxiety and depression, including the use of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. For a natural, holistic approach to recovery from anxiety and depression, call Lifeguide Healthcare, or book an appointment online today.

Anxiety and Depression Q & A

What are anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and depression are mental health conditions that affect millions of people every year in the United States and worldwide.

Feeling anxious about a significant event or experiencing a low mood when things aren’t going right for you is a normal part of human existence. However, if your feelings persist and become so intense they overwhelm you, chances are you’ve got clinical depression or an anxiety disorder.

Depression causes you to feel your life lacks meaning, that you are worthless and unable to connect to other people. You might experience feelings of self-loathing, a lack of energy, and a sense of hopelessness that’s impossible to shake. Unless you address the problem, depression can worsen to a point where you’re unable to function normally.

Anxiety disorders leave you in a permanently stressed state where everything causes excessive worry and fear. Provoked beyond their breaking point, people with anxiety can start having panic attacks that make them even more anxious about venturing away from home.

How are anxiety and depression treated?

Conventional approaches to treating anxiety and depression involve using antidepressant medication, often in combination with talking therapies.

At Lifeguide Healthcare, Dr. Agbeyomi offers alternatives such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda that use natural methods to help you overcome anxiety and depression.

How does Chinese medicine help with anxiety and depression?

Lifeguide Healthcare uses Classical Pearls high-quality Chinese herbs to treat anxiety and depression. These medicines’ pure, potent formulas are based on classical Chinese medical texts with adaptations to suit modern patients.

Chinese medicine views anxiety and depression as disturbances to the shen (spirit), along with problems with energy flow (qi). Acupuncture, dietary therapy, tai chi, and qi gong are all beneficial in treating anxiety and depression. Herbal remedies use ingredients like ginkgo Biloba, Chaihu, Sinisan, and Wuling.

How does Ayurveda help with anxiety and depression?

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term that means “knowledge of life.” Ayurveda’s emphasis on total wellness perfectly complements Lifeguide Healthcare’s functional medicine approach to treating anxiety, depression, and many other medical conditions.

Ayurvedic treatment recognizes imbalances in your body and mind that can lead to disease and uses selected therapies to eradicate toxins deep within your tissues. Dr. Agbeyomi prepares a treatment plan for you that suits your unique requirements.

Anxiety and depression can devastate your home and work life and leave you struggling to make it through each day. Fortunately, there are natural treatments that work with your body to relieve anxiety and depression. Call Lifeguide Healthcare today to find out more or book an appointment online.