Quality, safe IV therapy for your wellness

IV therapy is a proven better method of tissue nourishment that boosts immunity, reverse inflammation, and oxidative damage and enhances faster recovery.

IV therapy Services:

  • Vitamin B Injections: B12 Injections, Methylated B12 such as Active B Complex and Injection, Super B Complex.
  • Vitamin C Infusions: Will boost your immunity and keeps you healthy and protected against viral illness like Flu.
  • Iron Injections: Will enhance the blood’s iron content to boost the production of red blood cells in conditions with deficiency and hemophilia.
  • Injection Glutathione push: Is an antioxidant used to remove free radical and toxins to enhance cellular health. It improves immunity and muscle recovery.
  • IV Myers Cocktail: Cocktail that boosts the immune system, reduces seasonal allergies, enhances cellular energy and metabolism.

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